Hurricane Futsal

Hurricane Futsal LEAGUE

Hurricane Futsal LEAGUE is the only sanctioned US Futsal League in Northeast Indiana, it creates an environment that offers competition for the casual recreational athlete or the highly competitive travel athlete that wants to improve their soccer skills.

Our League welcomes ANY School Team, Club Team or even the individual athlete that is contracted with another club, but wants to improve their skill through game play!

Athletes/Teams are not transferred to Hurricanes through GotSport, they are just on a "Secondary" team, according to Indiana Soccer Association Staff.

The Hurricane Futsal League is a great program to build your Team's finishing, passing, aggressiveness, communication skills, and it's for the individual player to develop / improve their soccer skills for outdoors! The fast pace of the game and the ball, increases the athlete's quick decision making, their foot skills and gives them more confidence that carries over to Soccer outdoors. We are here to improve Soccer in Fort Wayne, not just in our Club!

What is Futsal?

Futsal is the only form of indoor soccer endorsed by FIFA. It earned the status of FIFA’s official form of indoor soccer in the 1980s as it was recognized as a scaled down version of outdoor soccer played indoors. It is a 5 v 5, small-sided game played on a hard surfaced, basketball sized courts, it is played with a smaller, heavier low bounce ball. Futsal is played with touchline boundaries and without walls. There are many benefits in playing Futsal here are a few:

  • improves players decision making skills
  • provides players with more touches on the ball
  • it develops the confidence in players to go 1v1 against their opponent
  • it allows players to be creative in getting around their opposition
  • it improves reaction time